How it works: 
- Plugs into any standard outlet. Utilizes a specially designed LED light
with a spectrum that attracts biting insects. 
- Special fan system that pulls in the insects attracted to the light. 
- These insects are "vacuumed" by the high velocity fan into an easy-to-dump collection drawer. 
- This system dehydrates the insects so that thousands are collected before
the need to dump out the drawer. 
- Best results are achieved using the unit in a continuous mode to break the
breeding cycle of mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Easy to assemble and operate. 
Everything that's needed to assemble the M5 mosquito trap is included.
The unit is sturdy, constructed of durable, high impact polymers.
You just put it together, turn it on and that's it. Nothing else to buy.
No tanks to fill. No sticky pads or tape to replace. And, the mosquito trap
uses the same amount of electricity as a 40 watt light bulb,
so it's very inexpensive to run.

Proper trap placement will maximize your catch

Different mosquitoes may breed and emerge at various times of the season
and from different locations in your yard. Placing the M5 Mosquito Trap in the right place is critical.





Follow these key tips

1. Place M5 Mosquito Trap 30-40 feet AWAY from the area you want to protect so insects are lure to the trap and not to you. 
2. Move M5 Mosquito Trap as necessary to optimize catch.
3. Do not put Mosquito Trap close to human activity, such as on a deck, or near the house or pool.
4. Place in shady area where mosquitoes like to rest.
5. If mosquito catch is low, move trap to new location as mosquito breeding sites may change during the season.
6. Mosquitoes typically live in areas that are shady, wet and/or moist, Determine the primary mosquito habitat and place your mosquito trap as close as possible to it. 





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