How it work

A special UV light, heat, attractant and CO2 lures flying insects to M6 trap. A powerful, noiseless fan draws the insects into an internal trap where they either dehydrate or can be released outdoors.



You can add octenol, milk, meat, beer, decayed apple or vegetable , complex lactic acid, yeast fermentation, others food in to attractant compartment.

When M6 trap working, it release odor with the fan. It can lure some genera of mosquitoes.

Grill: mosquitoes enter
UV lamp: attracting mosquitoes
Mosquitoes Funnel: mosquitoes easy enter, not escape
Collecting compartment
Attrachtant compartment

Unique attractant compartment design

Unique attractant compartment design


Where to place SKONE M6 Mosquito Trap

Many species of mosquito have an adult life span that lasts about two weeks. About 3,000 species of mosquito have been identified worldwide with approximately 170 species in the United States. Both male and female mosquitoes feed on plant nectar but only the female requires a blood meal. The blood meal is needed for each batch of eggs the female lays, ty/pically feeding once every three to four days. A blood meal usually lasts about 90 seconds if the mosquito is not disturbed and can equal about 1-1/3 times the female mosquito's body weight. A single female can lay thousands of eggs during her life span.

The female mosquito is attracted by scent, temperature, shape, color movement and for some species,
even sound. The female mosquito is most active between 50°F and 95°F in calm or light breeze conditions. Mosquitoes tend to travel upwind when seeking a blood meal. The placement of the Mosquito Trap will greatly affect the success of the unit capturing mosquitoes. The largest number of mosquitoes will be captured by positioning the Mosquito Trap as follows:

Outdoors: Find the normal down-wind direction from the area you want to gather in mosquitoes (towards where mosquitoes are living i.e. trees, bushes, water). Place the Mosquito Trap in the downwind area at the edge (or slightly beyond) of the patio, deck or other area where you want to gather in mosquitoes. Be sure to place the Mosquito Trap out of direct sunlight. Do not place the Mosquito Trap under a bright light. Place Mosquito Trap at a maximum height of six feet. The idea is to keep mosquitoes away from you when outside, so do not place it where you are gathered. Place the Mosquito Trap where mosquitoes live and reproduce.

Indoors: The Mosquito Trap can be used indoors when mosquitoes are a problem. Place the unit on a stable surface in the room or area where mosquitoes are most likely to enter. Leave interior doors open to allow the mosquitoes to find the trap. Do not place unit on electric appliances such as a television. Look for air movement within the house to find ideal locations for the trap. Just like outdoors, mosquitoes will tend to travel upwind indoors, following air currents in their search for a meal. Do not place the Mosquito Trap under a light. With careful placement, mosquitoes will encounter the Mosquito Trap and be captured before coming into contact with you and your family. Place the Mosquito Trap on a stable surface where children and pets cannot come into contact with or bump the unit.


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