Mosquitoes typically do not travel far from where they hatch during their short life cycle. 

Continuous use of the Mosquito Trap in one area can collapse the population on one half acre of property, Virtually eliminating mosquitoes in the area  The Mosquito Trap eliminates the nuisance of mosquitoes and allows homeowners to enjoy their own back yards once again.

 Comparison of P-2 trap  VS. bug zapper


P-2 professional mosquito trap

Bug zapper



-UV lamps and CO2 generated by photocatalysis, lure mosquitoes and flying insects

-Sucking fan separates insects by vortical process and rotating blades kill them. 

Fluorescent lamps lure the bugs and electric grid kills them 



-Trap mosquitoes and flying insects in a large quantity

-No maintenance necessary due to automatic disposal of the insects through the bottom outlet. Annual maintenance is enough.

-Not use CO2 tank or propane.

-Photocell-Activates unit at dusk and powers off at dawn.

Catching bugs (very few mosquitoes) 
Burnt bugs stick to the unit and regular cleaning required. 

irritating zapping noises 


-Rain-proof structure without short circuit risk.

-No propane burning.

-High-voltage discharge can be dangerous 


-High quality design compatible with street lamps. It will not detract from your outdoor decor.

-Protrusive design.


Uses propane, which is a highly flammable gas! 
Uses Octenol, which is a pesticide and is harmful to children. 
Does not use advanced technology TiO2 PHOTOCATALYST and UV lamp, which attract the mosquitoes. 
The catalytic converters build up with carbon from combustion and get clogged. (The units may last one year if you’re lucky!) 

You are required to buy CO2 cartridges for cleaning every 21 days. 
You are required to buy useless attractants and accessories. (How much Octenol do you have on you when you go outside and get bit? Answer: None) 
It is made out of plastic. 
Constant cleaning required. 
Required to purchase new capture nets every month. 
The propane tank only lasts 21 days.


Mosquito Control Tips
P-2 Mosquito Trap should be used in conjunction with other sensible control measures designed to manage mosquito problems. DIY mosquito control should include the following precautions:
Eliminate standing water in low spots, ditches, gutters and similar areas
Empty receptacles that collect water (eg bird baths and pot plant saucers)
Reduce breeding sites by keeping grass mown
Mosquito netting/screens can be used to provide mosquito-free areas
Light coloured clothing is less attractive to some mosquito species and if tightly woven, can give some protection against biting
DEET is considered the most effective mosquito repellent, but should not be used too heavily or on infants under 2 months. 

Packaging Size: 850cm x 290cm x 297cm

Packaging Weight: 8kg (One piece in one carton)



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