The SKONE range of unique and innovative fly traps are suitable for use in a wide variety of locations, particularly those in which aesthetics are an important consideration.

Unlike regular fly killers that zap insects with electricity, a glueboard will not "explode" the insect sending particles of it onto nearby surfaces. 

This makes glueboards a much more hygienic solution to insect control and ideal for use in catering facilities. There is also no annoying electric buzzing that happens with electronic
fly zappers. 




F-1 fly trap




SKONE F-1 Fly Trap

The F-1 is an aesthetically pleasing up lighter fly killer. Its discreet and decorative design makes it ideal to be used in public places such as restaurants and cafes as nobody can see the dead flies.

Attract flying insects by emitting UV light at 352 nanometres, the optimum wavelength for insect attraction. Combined with high powered UV tubes and pheromone impregnated glue boards, this design has been proven to be more effective than other models. Attracted into the unit insects are entrapped on a glueboard discretely hidden within it. Features a removable front cover for easy servicing.



Features & Benefits:

High performance UVA lamps, for enhanced insect attraction.

Innovative glueboard with pheromone impregnated and UV stabiliser.

The glueboard is easily accessible and is quick and easy to change.

Pheromone impregnated glue board for more effective kill rate. 

It is silent in operation and caught insects are hidden from view. 

Tool-free maintenance for ease of cleaning and lamp replacement.

Independently certified to RoHS and CE. 

Wall mounted (fixings included)

Suitable for areas up to 120m²


F1 Fly Trap is very effective in areas such as:

Food Industries.
Packing Plants Poultry Houses Meat Processors and much more 
Restaurants Hotels / Delis / Motels Food Plants 
Lobbies Hotel Rooms Rest Rooms 
Office buildings / Schools Homes Hospitals 
Stores Breweries Public Buildings 
Lounges Dairies Food Service 
Lodges Nursing Homes Broading Kennels 
Resorts Smoking Areas Veterinarian Clinics 
Pet Shops Farms Compactor Rooms 
Canneries Horse Stables Cow Barns 


Light output: 24 watt UV lamp 

Dimensions: 38 X 13 X 13CM

Glueboards size: 36 X 16.5CM

Wall fixing points: 26CM

Material: ABS

Weight: 630g

Area Coverage: 120 m²

Warranty: three years (excluding lamps)





Ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eye. It is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that lies beyond the purple range of the visible spectrum. The ultraviolet (or UV) spectrum has wavelengths between 100 and 400 nanometers (nm). The UV spectrum is further divided into wavelength ranges named UVA, UVB, UVC:


UVA: sun tanning, testing, inspection, insect traps, stage effects, blacklight, phototherapy (315-400nm)
UVB: sun burning, inspection, analysis, testing, phototherapy (280-360nm)
UVC: germicidal (253.7nm), ozone producing (185nm)
The 352nm wave length attracts insects, mainly flies and mosquitoes.
Our Lamps emit UV-radiation between 315nm and 400nm with a peak at 352nm.


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