Fly Trap 

Model F-1 Fly Trap (Indoor)

Model F-1 fly trap attracts the flies with its UV light and captures them with a sticky glue board. This makes it a quiet solution for pest control compared to the electronic fly zappers as there is no electric buzzing or any insect explosions.

Model F-2 Fly Trap (Indoor)

Attracts and traps flies with a coverage of up to 100sqm, in a stylish, anodized aluminium lamp design. Powerful 11 watt energy-saving U.V. bulb. Glue Boards are UV resistant and are pheromone enhanced. Wall-mount or Free-stand. Due to the design and effectiveness it is best when used in public places such as restaurants, businesses, factories.. etc.

Model F-3 Fly Trap (Indoor)

The slim design allows for easy placement without violating the need for an attractive solution to a pest problem. 2X24 watt ultraviolet lamps. Equipped with pheromone impregnated glue boards for enhanced fly attraction. Front cover is fixed to the base making use of the attractive force of magnetic iron.

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