Wasp Trap

Model J-2 Wasp Trap

Recycle empty soda bottles into giant safe, odor free Wasp, Hornet, Yellow Jackets Traps. - No chemicals or poisons!
The beverage is the trap's bait and is reusable and nontoxic.
Made of durable hard plastic, economical and easy to use.

Model J-3 Wasp Trap

Recycled soda bottle wasp traps are a great way to catch wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets and flying insects. Get rid of "Unwanted Guests" at your outdoor, picnics, parties and camping areas.

Mouse Catcher

Safe, humane way to catch and release mice,
No sticky pads, poisons or dangerous traps
Use with an empty plastic beverage bottle 
Catches multiple mice without re-setting 
Convenient and touch-free disposal. 

Tick Remover

Removes crawling or attached ticks
Simple and easy to use, no guesswork
Physician and Veterinarian Endorsed
Helps reduce the risk of diseases
No human contact with tick
For people and animals 

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