F-2 fly trap

The Glue Board F-2 Fly Trap has been specifically designed for discreet, stylish and effective insect control and is ideally suited not only for domestic use, but also for restaurants, reception areas, coffee shops and more.

The main body of the Fly Trap is made from corrosion resistant, anodised aluminium, which not only means it is simple to keep clean but also makes it light and easily portable, if so desired. By combining its powerful 11w, energy saving ultra violet lamp with its large glue board, all flying insects within a 100sqm area will be attracted into the unit and become permanently captured. Once the board is full it can quickly and easily be replaced.

All Skone Fly Trap units are designed for use with genuine pheromone impregnated glueboards, which incorporate UV stable dry glue for longer life and an increased catch.

Product Features:

- Discreet glue board for trapping and retaining flying insects
- High attraction energy saver lamp – no separate starter required
- Aluminium construction for excellent corrosion resistance
- Easy servicing - no obstruction to lamp or glue board
- Board life up to 3 months depending on environmental conditions and infestation
- Independently certified to RoHS and CE
- For Wall Mounting or Free Standing
- 3 year guarantee (except lamps and glue board)

Light output: 11 watt UV lamp
Glueboards size: 16 X 24CM
Dimensions: 38 X 13 X 13CM
Weight: 630g
Area Coverage: 100 m²


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