M-8 mosquito trap


Dual functional product which lures flying insects and normal lighting. Mosquito trap
with dual switches allow the customer to independently control lamp and sucked fan. 

The M8 trap uses a combination of light and CO2 to attract flying insects. Fluorescent lamp
produce the warm light and the coated TiO2 inner cylinder produces the CO2 that mosquitoes
find irresistible. Once pests reach the trap, a powerful fan draws them into collection chamber.   

 This mosquito trap eliminates flying insects without chemicals, attractant refills, or propane. 

Upward inhalation and sideward capture system when insect nearby it.



Up to 1/2 acre coverage- Perfect for large yards with deck, patio, farm, or pool areas.


Easy to operate--plug it in, push the switch, and relax.

All-weather, round-the-clock performance.

Silent, odorless operation.

24-hour protection from mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and black flies.


Model Lamp

UV Lamp

Compact Fluorescent Lamp, LED Bulb

Capture insects

Mosquito, Fly, Moth

Normal Lighting



Target pests: Mosquitoes, flies, gnats, etc.
Power Requirements: AC110V 60HZ or AC 220V 50HZ
Power consumption: 23W
Dimensions: 19cm High - 32cm Diameter
Area of application: 1/2 acre
UV lamp: E27 CFL 1 x 9W
UV Lamp lifetime: approx. 3000 hours
Warranty: One year manufacturer warranty


Size: 323mm × 323mm ×221mm 

Packing Size: 340mm × 340mm × 247mm/1pc 

Weight: 1.80kg

Packing Weight: 2.20kg

Packing quantity 12 pieces per box
20ft.container-q'ty 860pcs    




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