S-1 Mosquito Trap
Wipe out mosquitos and flying insects without using pesticides.

S-1mosquito trap effectively eliminate mosquitoes and other flying insects without adding pesticides or chemicals to the surrounding area.

Two UV fluorescent bulbs and a titanium dioxide coated metal reflector that produces carbon dioxide attract the insects. A powerful yet whisper-quite, vacuum-action fan then traps the bugs inside a retaining cage. Provides up to 1,290 sq. ft. of indoor coverage.
Designed for continuous, quiet operation. wall-mounted.
No chemicals, zaps, glues or poisons.


Position the S-1 Mosquito trap at a height of about 1.5~2.5meter from the floor.
For best results, place unit in the darkest area of the room far from windows and other competing sources of UV light.

The S-1 Mosquito trap is effective when used intermittently to control various outbreaks but performs best when run continuously. Often insects will breed and "over-winter" or hibernate inside your home. Also during brief periods of warm weather, Mosquito, fly and ladybug activity may increase. 

Inner carton Size: 33cm × 16cm x 26cm
Inner carton G.W.: 2.0 kg
8 PCS per outer carton
Outer carton size: 68cm ×54cm ×35cm
Outer carton volume: 0.128cbm
Outer carton G.W.: 17.5kg

20 FT container quantity: 1536 pcs
40 FT container quantity: 3264 pcs
40 FT HQ container quantity: 4080 pcs


Area of application: 120 Sqm
UV lamps:T5 F4W 2X4W
Lamp lifetime: approx. 3000 hours
Product Certificate:CE/ROHS/ETL



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