Model S-2 Mosquito Trap 
It is simple to operate and is a highly effective product to reduce the mosquito problem in your backyard. Unlike other mosquito control solutions, the S-2 Mosquito Trap has no "popping" sound
to disturb your outdoor enjoyment. This trap uses a powerful combination of mosquito lures: UV lamp, heat, CO2 and color to effectively lure and eliminates mosquitoes.

Two UV fluorescent bulbs produce warm light to attract insects to the S2 mosquito trap. The TiO2 titanium dioxide exclusive coated safety grid produces CO2 which is irresistible to mosquitoes Powerful fan suck in arriving pests, trapping them into the net. Propane and chemical free, this pest eliminator is extremely efficient.

Trap Features
Exclusive UV Lamps.
Powerful fan to trap insects into the retaining net
Quiet, and odorless
No propane tanks or attractants to refill
Protects up to 2 acre
Can be used indoors or outdoors
Durable Plastic Construction
Low profile-easy to move
Easy assembly, no tools required  




Air-Actuated Gate System 
prevent captured mosquitoes from escaping
Our patented gate system employs a butterfly check valve downwind of the motor which is opened by airflow from the fan and closed by counter-balancing weights. The gates are made of ABS material and are entirely maintenance free.



Trap Placement
The location of your trap is a critical variable in maximizing capture rates. Most mosquito species avoid direct sunlight and wind so we recommend shaded, sheltered areas, preferably amongst bushes or shrubs and near any wetland area. Keep the trap away from areas frequented by humans and animals. Experiment with different locations to determine the most successful placement for your trap.

For the best performance from your Mosquito Trap, first determine the source of the mosquito nuisance (Mosquitoes breed
in wet areas like streams, marshland, wooded areas and gardens). Then use these rules to site the Trap:

Rule 1: Place the Trap between the mosquito source and areas of human activity.
Rule 2: Place the Trap as far away from people and as close to the mosquito source as possible. (Attract them to the Trap
and not to you.)
Rule 3: Place the Trap upwind of the mosquito source but only if you can comply with Rule 1. (Mosquitoes sometimes use
the wind to navigate.)
Rule 4: Place the Trap in a predominantly shaded area. (Most mosquitoes avoid direct sunlight.)
Rule 5: Place the Trap in a location protected from rain and strong wind. (Mosquitoes don’t fly in strong winds.)
Rule 6: If severe weather conditions are predicted then store the Trap out of the weather.

Bulbs have an average life of  5,000 hours and should be replaced annually to maintain optimal UV effectiveness. even though the bulbs light may be visible to you, its ability to attract insect insects over time.


Installations Best for



Golf Courses    


Architectural Firms            

Manufacturing Facilities



Health Clinics        

Baseball Parks     

Veterinary Offices 

Daycare Centers


S-2 Mosquito Trap also plays an important role in agriculture protecting both agricultural workers and livestock.
As well as alleviating the threat of insect-borne disease, the Trap can improve the quality of livestock by reducing the stress on the animals caused by biting insects, and make the working environment more comfortable for staff.

Power Requirements: AC110V 60HZ, AC 220V 50HZ OR 12V DC
(Models with different voltages and cycles can be easily provided)
Power consumption: 48W

Area of application: 2 acre

UV lamp:T5 F6W 2X6W

Approvals: CE/ROHS/ETL
Warranty: One year manufacturers warranty


Inner carton Size: 35.5 cm× 35.5 cm X 41 cm
Inner carton G.W.: 5.0 kg
4 PCS per outer carton
Outer carton size: 73cm ×73cm ×42cm
Outer carton volume: 0.224 cbm
Outer carton G.W.: 21.5kg
20 FT container quantity: 480 pcs
40 FT container quantity: 960 pcs
40 FT HQ container quantity: 1152pcs





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