M-6 mosquito trap 

An Indoor and outdoor ecological trap that combines several methods of attraction for mosquitoes and house flies. The M6 trap effectively reduces the chances of being bitten by hungry female mosquitoes. 

Studies conducted with 300 female and 300 male mosquitoes showed that 78 to 90% of the mosquitoes were trapped within the first hour of use, and 86% of them were females.

M6 Mosquito Trap enhances your comfort for outdoor entertaining. Flying pests are eliminated, quickly and quietly, by a large parabolic concaved heating surface and non-toxic mosquito attractant. The unique shape, color, and heated surface are irresistible to pesky, disease-carrying mosquitoes. 


Attracting Features

Efficient and long life UV tube
Simulating body heat. Concaved heating surface with special heating pattern, utilizing heating film technology.
 The body of the trap is slightly warmed to simulate the temperature of human skin.
Unique color pattern, including three dimensional dark area over white background
Effective shape with optimized attracting angle (for mosquitoes, other blood sucking flies and house flies)
Directed trap to avoid undesired attraction
Specifically designed reflector and funnel structure coated with titanium dioxide (TiO2), for CO2 release
Separate chamber for release of humidity and optional attractants
Specially engineered air flow for optimum suction and counter flow release of humidity and attractant
The unit will operate very efficiently without the attractant which makes it an extra feature, rather than a required feature


Shape, Color and Heat Element

The effectiveness of the M6 mosquito trap is a result of a number of factors:

(1) The unique shape of the trap –the shape of the trap allows it to be a directional trap –i.e. it attracts mosquitoes
from a specific direction rather than attract mosquitoes from all over –i.e. it can be directed so that it attracts mosquitoes
in your immediate area, rather than attracts mosquitoes from neighboring areas –the trap should be placed 20-25 feet
from where you sit.

(2) The unique color – black and white is an important factor.

(3) The heat element  – M6 mosquito trap is based on several attraction features and the measured attraction radius/area
coverage is a consequence of the combination rather than the result of a single feature.



It can be Set on a table, hang in a tree or simply place on the ground.M6 trap is ideal for use in backyards, patio areas,
gardens, and near swimming pools.

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