P-2 Professional Mosquito Trap

Scientific breakthrough in mosquito control Patented product

P-2 effectively reduces mosquitoes,black flies, biting midges and other flying insects from outdoors. This product operates economically and is easy to install, and offers safe and effective protection from harmful disease transmitting insects. 

1. UV Lamp produce warm light to attract insects, while titanium dioxide-coated surface produces CO2 which is irresistible to mosquitoes and lures them to the powerful vacuum fan. 

2. Inhaled insects cutted into pieces by rotating blades and discharge of the bottom of P-2 trap, no maintenance necessary.

3. Photocell Activated: Automatically turns on when the sun goes down and the flying insects are out. 

Patented Product




1. Efficient and long life UV Lamp.
2. Unnecessary clean and maintenance 
3. Advanced waterproof structure without short circuit risk.
4. Works without propane or carbon dioxide tanks
5. Economical and easy to use
6. Pesticide and odor free 
7. Photocatalyst action on the surface of transparent lampshade. It can
reduce surface affix contamination by TiO2 self-cleaning. 
8. No propane gas or costly nets to replace. Durable weather resistant construction won't rust, crack or fade. 

Perfect to hang in or near your barn, pasture, patio, deck, or porch.  

The unit will operate very efficiently without the attractant which  makes it an extra feature, rather than a required feature. 


- Height : 93cm 
- Diameter : 23cm 



Coverage Range: 5 acre maximum 
Power Input: AC120V or AC220V, 48 W 
Approvals: CE and ROHS 
Warranty: One year manufacturers warranty 

Sucking fan and the circumgyrate process 
Air intake and circulation cause vortical process thereby
separating the mosquitoes and insects from air. 
Rotating blades
No catching cage need as well as guaranteed killing of the
insects. No cleaning necessary and very hygienic. 
Replacing the lamps
Remove the upper cap and replace lamp without difficulty.
Cleaning the interior
Open the upper cap and lower cap clean or perform
any other regular maintenance. 
CO2 generation and air purification 



fix the bracket on wall with nail

insert bracket



Female mosquitoes also feed on moisture laden nectar and fruit juices when not in search of a blood meal. They are usually
found in shade; around flowers, trees, bushes and other vegetation; and adjacent to standing water.
For best results locate your units 20 to 40 feet(6-12m) away from areas of human activity in a location near (but not in)
bushes, wooded areas, or adjacent to standing water (other than swimming pools).
It is important to remember the overall result of the total reduction of mosquitoes may not be observed overnight. If you
plan an outdoor event, have the unit in place approximately 14-days ahead of the scheduled event to allow sufficient time
for the unit to work properly.
If after 3-4 weeks in an area there is little reduction in the number of mosquitoes, look for areas where mosquitoes are
roosting, such as under a porch or deck, shaded shrubbery areas and place the unit in that area.

Depending on the density of the foliage and the surrounding environment, more than one unit may be necessary to
obtain the desired level of comfort.


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